So I’ve had people ask me this question numerous times.

It usually comes in the form of a high pitched scream as someone attempts to move the large black case.

“Anne!!! What do you have in this thing?!? It weighs a ton! Is there a bomb in there?!”

So after I finished reading my Bible this evening, I decided to make this post to put my concerned family’s minds to rest to show y’all that…….indeed there is a bomb in my Bible case. 😆 No! JK! There isn’t a bomb in my Bible case, although I do admit it feels that way.

Most of the blame for this goes to my new study Bible that my grandma got me for my last birthday. It’s an amazing study Bible and has cleared up a lot of my questions that arise when I read it, but it is very heavy.


The rest of the blame goes to the other various items which call this case their home. I tried to eliminate some of them but they’re all essentials.

The 2nd heaviest culprits would be my Charles Stanley devotional and my sermon note taking notebook that I got from the Creation Museum the year I got saved. (Notebook says: My Heart Belongs To My Creator)


Thirdly, My music CDs (The Redeemed Quartet and Joseph Habedank) that I used Sundays ago and never put away and my pens for note taking.


Lastly comes my bookmarks……


…….and my sermon papers from several past weeks.


Well, that’s what’s inside my Bible case and as you can see, no bomb. 😉

What I would like to know :Is there anyone else out there who’s Bible case is anything like mine?

Ciao for now!



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