Clumsy Mistakes

You know those times when you do something really stupid, and hope that no one saw you?

Well… I am very well trained in these circumstances, as I dub Clumsy Mistakes.

I was at work, in the kitchen, working hard. I knelt down to pull something out of the bottom of a refrigerater. When I stood, the back of my skirt caught on the back of my shoes, and I fell backwards onto my bum…

I don’t think anyone noticed, though, so that’s good!

Anyway, that was real funny. I hope it never happens again, though my skirt catching on the back of my shoes seems to happen a lot, so maybe I should come up with a solution… hm…

You can learn a lot from these Clumsy Mistakes! Mostly: Don’t repeat them.

So that is the lessson today, friends! Try not to repeat those silly Clumsy Mistakes, and you’ll be better off. 🙂

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”



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