Until You Die…..You Live. Until F❤️rever.

Saw this movie in a magazine.


I read the summary and it sounded like a good film to watch.


I ordered it at the library.

UNTIL FOREVER, Madison Lawlor, 2016. © Vision Video

I wait a couple hundred years for it to come in.

I tell my family what it’s about and ask who wants to watch it with me.


Everyone says it sounds depressing so I get 0 volunteers.

It sits on my dresser for a week.

Then I check and find out it has to go back in two days and I can’t renew it.


So my grandparents agree to watch it with me.


It had me in tears by the time THE END appeared on the screen.

UNTIL FOREVER is the title.


It made me stop and realize how precious life is.

Like……when you’re coming to the end of your life, whether simply old age or some tragic disease is threatening to wisp your life away at a young age, the only thing that really matters is God. Not the style of your clothing or how popular of a life you led. That all means nothing. Only your relationship with God counts in the end. He’s the only thing that matters. I feel great sorrow for the people in the world who hear the truth and blatantly turn away from it, not realizing that tomorrow or even in the next hour their life could be snuffed out before they know it.

I hope y’all get the chance to watch this movie and I pray that it has some effect on your life or  someone else in your life.

Always remember: NEVER take tomorrow for granted and NEVER EVER   Take God for granted. Because if you do that you may come to tomorrow and find that tomorrow isn’t there.

God Bless!!

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