Modest Outfits for New School Year

With the school year comes the change in our taste in clothing and hair styles and the amount of makeup we use either decreases or increases. Each year seems to be different.

As teen girls in our day and age, it’s hard not to feel pressured to wanna wear the latest fashion to fit in with everyone else. But who wants to blend in? Personally, I like to stick out from all the other girls when I walk into a room. Not that I like the attention but I like to be an example of my faith. If I claim to be a Christina yet I’m wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing then people are automatically gonna come to the conclusion that Christians are hypocrites.

You don’t have to dress from the ’70s to dress modestly. People are only gonna think that being a Christian is boring and dull.

I like to dress in a way that is modest yet stylish. This is unique and you will impress people.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits. Most of them are for church but I do wear them on different occasions as well.

This shirt can be worn with either skirt and still look adorable.
I won 1st place showing my dog in this outfit last year. Always feel like I’m about to walk into the show ring again when I put it on. 😉


Really. You can’t go wrong with denim! Chose your fav style, add a cute shirt and your set to go!


  1. I love denim skirts. I’ve grown out of mine, and need to get a new one soon! I need to plan a shopping outing, but I’ve been waiting until I have enough money for that type of thing. 🙂 Thanks for the good advice!

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