Stories from Anne & Brooke: Mouse in the House!


Mouse in the House!

“Brooke!” I heard faintly in my sleep. “We’re watching TV!”
I jumped out of bed as quickly as I could and raced out of my room. “You’re watching TV?” I asked excitedly.
“What? No! I said there’s a mouse!”
“What?! Where?!”
“Behind the vase!” My older brother—Michael—was standing on the platform between flights of stairs, pointing at the vase in the corner. Our two cats were already prowling about the vase, not daring to get too close.
“Grab those plastic bins up there,” I was ordered.
I hurriedly took hold of them and cautiously took a couple steps down the stairs, but not all the way. I tossed the bins to him.
“Get some blankets too.”
My younger brother—Ryan—and I bolted to our rooms and grabbed some blankets. When we got back to the stairs, our older brother had our Dad’s cane in his hand, ready to whack the mouse.
We all positioned ourselves in strategic positions to catch the mouse: I was given the cane, standing nearby the vase; Ryan held a blanket to my left over throw on the mouse, and Michael had a plastic bin to trap the mouse with.
On Michael’s go, I was to tip the vase over, causing the mouse to come out. Then he was to drop a bin on it, and if it were trying to climb up the stairs, Ryan was supposed to throw the blanket on it.
The plan didn’t quite work, unfortunately. The mouse ended up going back behind the vase, since I only tipped it back a little bit and then let it go back into position.
We tried again, and it tried to run up the stairs. I began whacking the blanket that Ryan threw on top of it ferociously. Michael ran up the stairs and held a blanket at the top as a wall, told me to hold it there, took the cane, and gave it a few whacks himself. Still, it didn’t work. It just kept on running up the steps.
The confounded mouse came to my barrier, and climbed up my blanket! Michael was still trying to hit it, but it just was not working. I dropped the blanket in fear and ran away a good distance.
The mouse ran under a shelf, and this is what we did: we took the lids from the bins and set them up all around the base of the shelf where any opening was and duct taped them there.
My Mom happened to be gone on a cruise, and my Dad was gone at work, so we left it all there until he came home. The problem was that when he looked, the mouse was no longer there.
Happy homecoming, Mom! You’ve got a mouse in the house!

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