Stories from Anne & Brooke: Fire—!



“Fire stone!”
“Fire spread!”
“What?!” my Dad and I called out in unison.
“Fire spread! Like fire that is spreading…” Michael prompted.
“Like jam?” I questioned.
My family—all except for Michael, of course—broke out in laughter as we reposed about the campfire.
We were playing a game that my Dad began. We had to come up with a word that goes along with fire, whether it was hyphenated, a compound word, or something else. We could challenge each other if we thought something didn’t exist, and the person that was wrong was instantly kicked out. First Ryan was out, and then it went on and on with my Dad, Michael, and I.
Ryan was defending Michael’s answer of “fire spread” while the remainder of us were recovering from our amusement to moi’s joke. Michael continued to explain “fire spread” when I came out with more jokes.
All were still chuckling; minus Michael.
“ ‘There’s a fire!’ ‘Where’s the toast?’ ” came out of my mouth with much laughing. “ ‘Jo!”—I continued—“get the peanut butter!’ ”
My Dad laughed so hard at the last one that he choked on his own breath!
I ended up losing respectfully to “fire kill.” Oh well, guess I’ll just wait for the next round. I wonder what word we will use next…?


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