I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. I’m not the best at it right now, but I really like it.

The thing is, I purposefully don’t wear it a lot so that I know I am not doing it because I am unhappy with my face, but because it is sort of like an “art”.

Makeup, to me, is an art. I can play around with all sorts of things, but I am still the same person.

I don’t cover up the flaws or “defects” of my face, because if God made me this way, why would I hide it? Sometimes I do wish certain aspects of my face would go away, but then I remember that I am me, and me is the best me I can be.

So this is to all of the girls who aren’t happy with the way they are, and feel that others aren’t either. You know what? Everyone feels the same, and  who cares if you have a pimple on your nose? Everyone has gone through the same thing, and they won’t not like you because of that.



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