The Sweater Dress Outfit

Since it came out, and I don’t know when 😉, the sweater dress has been very popular among women and girls all around the globe. It has been worn in various different ways, some of which I will mention in this post.

A plain sweater, a printed scarf, some tights or leggings, leg warmers and some tall fashion boots is the most common winter way to wear your sweater dress.


The sweater dress is a rather popular fall wardrobe as well. Leggings aren’t worn as heavy and quarter sleeves are more common than long ones. Scarves usually haven’t been broken out of the closet yet, but a stylish necklace takes it’s place nicely.
Although it is a summer wardrobe as well, unfortunately it is not worn very modestly by most women during this season.

Anyway, just recently I purchased my own sweater dress and with a few other accessories, I completed my outfit.

I found my sweater dress at a thrift store for $3. It’s No Boundaries, which is one of my favorite brand names. It has an overlapping neck line so I can’t really wear a scarf with it. It comes a little above my knee, making it the perfect length.
A pair of warm leggings from Walmart.
Some comfy leg warmers
Tall fashion boots complete the outfit.
This is my new winter outfit and I’m excited to wear it to an upcoming event and on my birthday in February.





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