Take a Breath!

I am currently sitting at my kitchen table, tea near me, and lots of books. I am content.

Sometimes we get so stressed and busy in life, we forget how to relax. Even if it is for just two, maybe five minutes, it becomes hard to sit down when you are used to constant activity.

When we don’t give ourselves time to settle down and think deeply for just a few minutes, we can get into a crazy workaholic mode. I’ve been there, and it leaves me stressed, sometimes depressed, and overall, completely worn out.

This applies for both teens and adults. It’s not only one or the other.

I am one of those types that wishes to be constantly busy, always having something to do, and not really thinking about what the constant brain activity is doing to my person.

We especially need to find those moments in our day to sit down and talk to God, or work through our devotions. When we don’t set that time aside, we may forget to do it at all until the end of the day when you are too tired to get out of bed.

My suggestion is that throughout your day, just sit down for a few minutes to breathe, and possible not think at all, before moving on with another task. Trust me, it will do you wonders. 🙂

Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures


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