Special Saturday Movie Review: Sue Thomas F. B. Eye

Sue Thomas is a very inspirational, true being.


Being deaf didn’t hold her back from accomplishing great things in her life. With her sidekick service dog, Sue joined the FBI, reading the lips of suspects and criminals on silent surveillance videos.


This TV show was made based on her story.


Although the episodes and characters may be fictional, the show is an excellent Christian friendly show, sustaining from provocative humor and/or scenes, unlike most cop shows today.

I began watching this show numerous years ago and still like re-watching them today. After the first episode, you too will fall in love with these charming characters.

(From L to R) Dimitrius Gans (Marc Gomes), Tara Williams (Tara Samuel), Bobby Manning (Rick Peters), Lucy Dotson ( Enuka Okuma), Myles Leland III (Ted Atherton), Levi (Jesse), Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray), and Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson)

*Note: Some episodes focus on terrorist bombings and serial killers which may disturb younger children.*

Just recently I found this picture of Sue Thomas and Joni Eareckson Tada together!

Back in 2013 or 2014, my family actually got a chance to meet Sue Thomas in person!! She came to a little cafe near us and we were all excited to get to talk with her and see her new service dog by the name of Rodney (I think :).

Sue Thomas appeared in 2 episodes of this show, going by the name of Deanne Bray. The actress Deanne Bray is herself deaf and also reads lips and knows ASL.


                                                         Random Pictures From Show:

Sue (Deanne Bray) watching suspects and reading their lips.
Ready to strike.
Dancing with the charming and handsome Agent Jack Hudson.
Following clues in a drawing left my a rogue agent with amnesia.
Co-workers apology
Don’t mess with the FBI

I hope you enjoy this show at least as half as much as I  sincerely did.

Have you seen Sue Thomas F.B. Eye before? If so, did you enjoy it and what was your favorite thing about it?

Until next time,


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