Makeup Time

Ever since I started wearing makeup, a few years back, I’ve taken a great interest in it. My interest in this area did not take flight because makeup can cover and change your appearance, but because I, the same as Brooke, see it as an art. An art that, if used responsibly, can enhance the beautiful facial features that God has given you.

Anyway, my interest in cosmetics has been growing over this past year, to the point where I would like to get into it professionally, learning how to properly use each product. I’m still unsure if it would be my career, just part of my career, or maybe even just a hobby that would greatly benefit the girl’s in my family. Imagine how cool it would be to have a member of the family as a makeup artist when a wedding rolled around or maybe just simply for graduation or Christmas pictures! If I decide to advance in this idea, my main objective will be to stay natural with my makeup use. None of this blue eyeliner stuff or fake Cleopatra-like eyelashes. If overuse occurs, makeup can indeed be very addictive just like any drug. Once you start becoming dependent on it, you become dissatisfied with the true you- the makeup-less you.

In this post I’m just gonna show you my makeup products and the rundown on how I use them.

The Primers

I just recently invested in some good primer after discovering it at the store. Primer goes on before all other makeup. It helps to hydrate your face and makes it easier to put foundation or concealer on.

This elf illuminating primer makes your skin nice and soft but it has a lot of sparkles in it, making the natural scene kinda hard to pull off.


My favorite primer is by Maybelline. Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser helps to blur more obvious pores and it truly makes your skin feel like baby skin.



Let’s face it. I love Maybelline! This concealer, Superstay Better Skin, comes in different shades to match your skin tone. I simply apply it to any acne spots after using my primer of choice.


My sister gave me this concealing pen by Loreal, but I don’t much like it. It’s too dark for my skin tone and must be used with foundation, which I rarely use.



Although I have ALOT of mascara, there’s only one in particular that I use. I think it’s waterproof, but I don’t really know for sure. Waterproof is harder to remove without damaging your lashes, so that’s one reason I’m not fond of it.

Wet n’ Wild mega length mascara
Powder Foundation

I call it powder foundation but whether or not it really is, is a pure toss up. 😉 I use a little bit after putting concealer on. It sorta helps to blend the concealer in. Powder foundation is also an awesome way to cover up a stubborn open acne spot. This powder that I have is Cover Girl, but just for the record I do NOT buy Cover Girl products, on the count that they support homosexuals. This powder was given to me by my grandmother who purchased it before she knew what Cover Girl supported. I’m not saying Cover Girl’s products are no good, but I just refuse to support a company that supports homosexuals.

The brush I use to apply any powder cosmetics is a blush brush by Wet n’ Wild.


The Unruly Eyebrows

Inherited from my mom’s side of the family, my unruly and thicker eyebrows can get a little annoying. An eyebrow brush works miracles. The color side to this is blonde, but I have dark eyebrows. Still a little color can help improve unruly eyebrows.



I don’t approve of alot of eye color, but occasionally when my skin is especially pale, I will put a light brown eyeshadow on.

This first eyeshadow palate(left) was from Dollar Tree and I purchased it way back when I first started using makeup. It is indeed in bad shape. Luckily I just received a brand new elf palate from my sister.


Because God made me with extremely pale skin, blush is a must to my cosmetic routine.

This PH matchmaker powder blush is what I usually use but I just got a sorta blush highlighter that seems to work a lot better.

Correcting Pens

In a bunch of random makeup I received, I found these correcting pens. Different colors correct different things. I figured out how to work ’em but I don’t know how to apply them to my skin and make them work. If anyone knows how, leave a comment below.


Oxy Spot Treatment

My theory has always been, correct the problem and then you don’t have to worry about concealing it.

This Oxy spot treatment is awesome stuff and is the only face product that I’ve found that actually gives quick results. I noticed my face clearing up within two days of use. I apply it to my acne spots before bed. It drys on and I wear it all night and wash it off in the morning. Because it is very strong stuff, I use it two nights and then quit for about 1 or 2 nights before starting use of it again. The only place I could find it was at Drug Mart for $7. I thought that was a little outrageous for a small tube. But luckily I found this smaller version at Dollar Tree for ,obviously, a dollar. Even if you were to buy 7 of these smaller tubes you’d have way more bang for your buck then if you buy it at Drug Mart.


Well that’s all for now!

What are your thoughts on makeup? Do you have any tips for better use of these makeup products? How do you apply foundation?



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