Sweeter 17

Who thought this day would come? I can’t see myself as 17 years old. It feels like just yesterday that I was making my Sweet 16 birthday post! This is really so exciting, it’s crazy! I can’t imagine turning 18, a legal adult, next year.

A lot of things have changed this past year. Some things for the better, some for the worse, but all in God’s plan for my life.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m gonna do today but I do know I want it to be special: Spend time with my family and friends and make it a memorable day.

As with my last birthday post, I decided to post some of my current favorites and my 2018 plans.

Current Favorite Songs:

Diamonds by RaeLynn

What Ifs by Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina

Redeemer of the Rain by The Collingsworth Family

Homesick for Heaven by Jim Brady Trio


Current Book I’m Reading:

Colliding with Destiny by Sarah Jakes


                                                 My Current Plans:

  • As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of being responsible and letting go of “fairy-tale fantasies” to face reality but still holding onto your dreams. This realization has caused me to study harder in school, take on more responsibility concerning my chores, and not spend so much precious time being discontent. Although making wise plans for your future is important, I’ve made the decision to not concentrate so much on what I want to do in the future but instead, live in the moment, asking God what He wants for my future.
  • After researching a number of careers over the years, I know now that a good solid job is what I need. As with last year, I plan to wait at least a year after I graduate high school before jumping into more schooling. During this break, I want to take some refresher courses over some basics that I didn’t quite understand or didn’t have time to really study during high school so I will be prepared for whatever schooling I decide to take. Currently, the career I’m strongly considering is cosmetology. Some side thoughts, though, are Dog Groomer and Barber.
  • I graduate from high school in the year of 2020.
  • Unlike most 17 year olds, I plan on waiting till I’m absolutely ready to get my driver’s license. Maybe at the longest 19 or 20. But in the time lapse between then and now I shall continue to work on my driving skills and especially maneuverability.
  • For years I’ve gotten practice in work environments from various volunteer jobs at Christian organizations and other temporary paying jobs. I’m currently looking into a job as recreations/activities personnel at a nursing home, but would like to get a job at a children’s daycare or as a waitress at a small restaurant.
  • In my senior year of high school, I have plans to ask my cousin if I can job-shadow her at her beauty salon and to ask her questions about her cosmetology schooling and career so that I can get a feel for if I really like the job.
  • But concentrating on 2018, I’m continuing homeschool co-op, socializing with my new co-op friends and classmates, expanding my knowledge with cooking and driving  and anxiously waiting for summer so I can prevent knee dislocations by exercising more. I’m also excited to start a Polish learning program that moje dziadek (my grandpa 😉) is getting for me. I can’t wait for the atmosphere to be warm enough to ride Dakota in the woods without my carhartt gear and to drive down the road with the car windows open singing to the radio! Who else wishes winter was over?!?

Some of my hobbies                                                                                                   that I would really like                                                                                           to spend more time in are:

Makeup Artistry

make-up-home-new.jpg(Photo Credit: Trendimi.com)

Pole Bending

73fa75ee5c284e41619cafe891e3e9e1--rodeo-cowgirl-cowgirl-style (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Barrel Racing

barrel-racing-horse(Photo Credit: Equinenow.com)


Wallpaper of beautiful girls are reading the books (8).jpg(Photo Credit: Thrive Global)


girl_diary.jpg(Photo Credit: A Couple Of Countries)

and Trap Shooting

bad395f6dc76d93620938cee7920e429--country-girls-country-life.jpg(Photo Credit:Polyvore)

 Well, that’s all for now! I bid you farewell! Hope y’all enjoyed this post!

~Anne, The Birthday Girl








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