The Best Birthday Gift Ever

My 17th birthday turned out way more awesome then I had planned. I got so many amazing gifts and my family and I spent some quality time together that I will never ever forget.

But probably the best gift that I received was one from my dad.

The day before my birthday, my parents and younger sister disappeared on a mysterious shopping trip, leaving me to feed and clean up after my 2 brothers. A little stressed out and disgruntled I felt really ashamed at myself when my parents called me out to the barn to surprise me with an early birthday present.


Her name is Izzy. Isabelle Miracle Koza. Koza is Polish for goat and I called her Miracle because she was the only kid to survive in her litter and she barely did. She is a 2 month old Nubian doe. I love her so much and she and I have become as close as a mother and daughter. 😄

I tried to get a few good pictures but she doesn’t hold still long enough to get some…..that is unless she’s chewing on something.😉 Here are a few, though.

Following Mommy around
Oh, how we love to jump!
Destruction with a capital D

I’m planning on showing her in this year’s fair so wish Miss Izzy and I luck in our journey this summer!

I’ll keep you posted!



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