Post Abortion Petition

If you have any common sense or at least a tiny bit of humanity, you most likely think abortion (the killing of unborn babies) is cruel and ridiculous.

But how do you feel about the killing of babies after they are born, up to the age of 5 years old?

That was an actual petition that was trying to get passed.

A guy by the name of Joe Biggs decided to go to a local college and find out how many people would sign a petition such as this.

Take a look.

Amazing, huh? And these are supposed to be intelligent students attending college, probably to one day become important and influential citizens in our country.

Pretty scary, I think.

Thanks for watching!

What are your views on abortion/this post?



2 thoughts on “Post Abortion Petition”

  1. I… had never even heard of post-birth abortion, and I have no words right now to explain my emotions. Just the idea… I mean… I babysit a five year-old once a week, and he is so full of joy and life, I can’t believe that ANYONE would want to kill… murder! such a beautiful creation by God!


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