When Calls the Heart: My Favorite Show *May contain spoilers*


I have been watching WCTH (When Calls the Heart) for at least 4 or 5 years now and I’ve loved every episode.

My favorite characters have been, since the beginning, Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton. I have been waiting for these two to get married since…well, forever.

And finally,in season 5, Jack  proposed and this lovely couple tied the knot.



Because we don’t have cable, I have to wait for our library to get each episode in. I haven’t gotten to watch all of season 5 yet, but I keep up to date by watching clips on Youtube.

I cried during the proposal and the wedding scenes.

But there was a moment that I cried even harder.



1 gvaruCLbfw1wd9e2p-smiA.jpeg

A mountie comes to Hope Valley with sad news.

Jack Thornton is dead.

When I first heard this from my sister, I did immediate research. thousands of thoughts ran through my mind.

“Maybe my sister was just trying to prank me.”

“Maybe it was a mix up and he’ll turn back up…alive.”

But at the end of all my Googling, I discovered that Daniel Lissing, aka Jack Thornton, wanted to leave the show and rather than re-casting the role, Hallmark decided to split up the newly Mr. and Mrs. Thornton through a very sad and tragic death on Jack’s part.

I am very upset by the show’s turn of events, but there is still some hope left in Hope Valley: Elizabeth discovers she is pregnant with her deceased husband’s child.

Although many of us Hearties are very disappointed, shocked and sad, I know a lot of us still have a little excitement left within us for the upcoming WCTH season 6.

And while out of shocked grief I threatened to stop watching this show, I have now accepted the situation and am anticipating more excellent episodes to come from my still favorite show, When Calls the Heart.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that if you have never heard of it before, maybe you shall start watching WCTH and join the large community of Hearties.

For those already Hearties out there, what are your thoughts on the latest season of WCTH ? I’d love to hear from you so don’t be too bashful to hit that comment button!

Bye-bye for now!



  1. I cried a bunch, and I yelled at the TV, but I’m glad they didn’t recast him or make him leave Elizabeth. The only way he could leave was through death. I have high hopes for season 6!


  2. OH MY GOSH I just about died when I heard what they did with Jack. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep on watching it.. it’s just not going to be the same without him. But like you, I have been watching the show for about 5 years. Idk, I might watch Season 6. I’m just a little bitter right now 😉

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    • IKR?! I think I’ll keep watching and see if it gets better or just seems to go down hill. But most likely I’ll keep watching it whether or not I like what they’ve done. I do want to see Elizabeth’s baby as well. 😉


  3. I love When Calls The Heart!! It was so heartbreaking and at first I felt like, “I’m done!” Now though, I realize that to keep watching will probably help me to process my grief. Watching the finale was heartbreaking, but it helped me to accept it in a way. 😭❤

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