Sweetest 18

  It’s that day every girl waits for after she turns 16.

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers
Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Turning 18, a legal adult, brings a lot of new adventures (and challenges) into a girl’s life. She’s getting to that age where responsibility is becoming more and more frequent in each day.

Well, that was me, as of February 3rd. I’m very excited to be 18, but to be honest, it feels almost the same as it did when I was 17. *wink, wink* All you old women like me know what I mean.

Unfortunately, I had to work on my birthday, which was also a Sunday, but my day was quickly brightened when flowers arrived at my workplace for me! I was quite thrilled by this surprise and  I took frequent trips to the break room to sneak peaks at the dozen roses so carefully arranged in the glass vase.


At the end of my shift, my siblings and their significant others came in and sang happy birthday to me…….in front of the entire establishment. They said my face turned 100 different shades of red, which maybe it did. I was really grateful for their kindness but still, being the center of attention makes me just a little  flustered.

I received some very sweet and amazing gifts as always, but still no Friesian (*Smile*).

My goat calendar
The completion to my When Calls the Heart collection!!
My Lauren Conrad set


Well, it’s another year for me and I’m eager to see the Lord’s plan for it.

Stay tuned, my lovely readers, for I shall earnestly be posting more frequently.

Thank you to everyone who made my 18th birthday so memorable!

~Until next time, Anne


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