Life Is A Highway

Have you ever heard that song called “Life Is A Highway”  by Rascal Flatts? It’s one of my all time favorite country songs.Wanna know why?

The lyrics depict how life can be sometimes. One minute it feels like you’ll never get out of that slow lane but once you finally do merge, you wish you could go back. But often times you can’t, cause there’s a big ole’ semi right in your way.

Back when I first became a teenager, things were very slow paced at my house….at least they were for me. Being a newly teenager was a big deal for me. I always looked up to my older sisters and wanted to be just like them. I looked forward to the day when I could wear blue jeans and perfume, and buy Vera Bradley purses just like they did. These were all things I considered to be official grown up steps.

Now I was a teenager! I had so much that needed to be done. I needed to get a job, start looking for a car, read the driver’s ed manual, find a whole new wardrobe, etc……all at age 13.

I didn’t understand why my parents were putting the brakes on my plans. Life for me at that time wasn’t just in the slow lane…it was a NYC traffic jam! I wanted it to speed up. I wanted change and I wanted it immediately.

Now I am a legal adult! (….Brief Silence…..) Wow. Don’t you wish you hadn’t been such an eager little beaver, girl? I wish that I had appreciated that naive childhood bliss. I’m no longer stuck in a traffic jam. I’m going 80 mph in the fast lane and that stupid semi is in my way!

I’m currently working a part time job in a nursing home kitchen and finishing up my 11th year in high school. Things aren’t too bad at this moment, but wait for it.

If all goes as planned, at the end of this month or next month I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice at my kitchen job, which will temporarily switch me to PRN. This will enable me to take STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) classes and then move to a full time position as an STNA at this same nursing home. I will then pick back up a few days here and there in the kitchen. My goal is to have saved enough money by next year sometime to buy my 2005 (or 2007) Ford Explorer Sport Trac truck. It’s so cute! I want red but I’d be fine with any darker color.

sport trac
Photo By: Custom Cars West

I will be finishing my last year in 4-H either this year or the next, as I will be too old to participate soon. That’s hard to believe. But for right now I’m serving my second term as my club’s Secretary and I will be showing mine and my dad’s goats in our newly built show arena at the fair grounds.

I am still trying to decide what I want to do as a career, but I have till next year when I graduate.

I was accepted into the Joni and Friends program (YAY!!) so I will be doing my Short Term Missionary work this summer as well.

When you write it all down, it doesn’t seem like that much to deal with, but you have to take into consideration all that wonderful Llama Drama of everyday life. That really wears you down sometimes.

So all we can do when things get crazy is to realize that life is indeed a highway and decide to  “ride it all night long.” Do your best. Keep going. Don’t stop, cause if you do, that semi is gonna rear-end ya! There’s some motivation!

Thanks for reading, Everyone! And I’m sorry that I’ve been so negligent in posting.


Photo By: Christian Book Distributors




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