How We Met

Anne and I first got to know each other in the year of 2015 through writing letters to each other—we were pen pals, and were introduced by a Christian organization called Focus on the Family.
Ever since the day I first got Anne’s letter, screaming and crying over it, our friendship has flourished greatly. I am so thankful to know her!



So…..yeah. We met through letters and have yet to meet in person. We do talk on the phone at least once a month and we Face Time every so often. We’ve known each other approximately 3 years now and we tell one another EVERYTHING, finding it easy to talk about our problems and enjoyments.

I didn’t have a lot of friends at the time and I longed for a true friend whom I could share all my problems and delights with. I was nervous that my pen-pal would be a fair- weather friend, like so many others who claimed to be my BFF. When I got Brooke’s name as my pen-pal, thousands of thoughts ran through my mind. I was afraid she wouldn’t like me and I felt unworthy of her as a friend. But it didn’t take me long to realize that Brooke was a true friend. Brooke has brought me encouragement and she is a constant light in my life. We plan on doing many things together in our future and pray for God’s guidance every day.