I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. I’m not the best at it right now, but I really like it.

The thing is, I purposefully don’t wear it a lot so that I know I am not doing it because I am unhappy with my face, but because it is sort of like an “art”.

Makeup, to me, is an art. I can play around with all sorts of things, but I am still the same person.

I don’t cover up the flaws or “defects” of my face, because if God made me this way, why would I hide it? Sometimes I do wish certain aspects of my face would go away, but then I remember that I am me, and me is the best me I can be.

So this is to all of the girls who aren’t happy with the way they are, and feel that others aren’t either. You know what? Everyone feels the same, and  who cares if you have a pimple on your nose? Everyone has gone through the same thing, and they won’t not like you because of that.


My Sisters

If you know me or my family, you know that besides me there are 5 others girls in our family. (There are also two boys.)

I was greatly blessed to have 3 older sisters and two younger ones.

Although I’ve learned from both older and younger, my older sisters Jenni, Kimmi, and Molli have all taught me a lot in my 16 years.

They’ve all been through experiences in which they’ve both failed and been successful.

In their successes,

Jenni taught me just by her actions that you should go after your dreams no matter how many road blocks you encounter. And that even though you may go unnoticed, always do your most honest best and eventually (maybe not on earth) you will be rewarded.

Watching Kimmi, I learned how to be strong through great trials and heartbreak. As she went through probably the most tragic event in her life, i saw a depressed and heartbroken young woman rise out of her despair and turn to God to get her life back on track.

As I spent time with Molli, I heard all of her troubles and frustrations and listened helplessly to do anything for her except give her moral support. Making the decision on her own she chose to enter a very challenging sport as a shy, insecure young girl, working for 2-3 years triumphantly resulting in a confident and strong willed black belt who no longer called it a sport but an art, which she mastered to the fullest extent of two time grand champion and 1st grand champion of her school.

I’ve learned a lot from their successes but my sisters aren’t perfect, as neither am I. They’ve had their failures as well which I’ve also learned from.

But I can never stop thanking God for my family- my parents, my grandparents, my brothers and my sisters- that He so uniquely placed and blessed me with.

As you read this post, stop. Take a moment to think about your family and how you’ve learned from each and every one of them. Thank God this very second for the loving home He gave you and never take it for granted.



Stories from Anne & Brooke: Fire—!



“Fire stone!”
“Fire spread!”
“What?!” my Dad and I called out in unison.
“Fire spread! Like fire that is spreading…” Michael prompted.
“Like jam?” I questioned.
My family—all except for Michael, of course—broke out in laughter as we reposed about the campfire.
We were playing a game that my Dad began. We had to come up with a word that goes along with fire, whether it was hyphenated, a compound word, or something else. We could challenge each other if we thought something didn’t exist, and the person that was wrong was instantly kicked out. First Ryan was out, and then it went on and on with my Dad, Michael, and I.
Ryan was defending Michael’s answer of “fire spread” while the remainder of us were recovering from our amusement to moi’s joke. Michael continued to explain “fire spread” when I came out with more jokes.
All were still chuckling; minus Michael.
“ ‘There’s a fire!’ ‘Where’s the toast?’ ” came out of my mouth with much laughing. “ ‘Jo!”—I continued—“get the peanut butter!’ ”
My Dad laughed so hard at the last one that he choked on his own breath!
I ended up losing respectfully to “fire kill.” Oh well, guess I’ll just wait for the next round. I wonder what word we will use next…?

Sunday Quote

“Learn from it, fix it, do better next time.”

This is something a close family friend has been telling me since I was 7, and even though it is so simple, it is a difficult concept to practice at all times. It is one that will help you all throughout your life, though.



Christmas Movies 🎄 🎥

Since it’s the first day of December, I figured I could officially start blogging about Christmas.

So my first Christmas post is going to be about Christmas movies. My sister Molli kicked into the Christmas spirit in September so needless to say, we’ve been watching a lot of Christmas films. 😉

Let’s start with the classics.

And You mind as well face it now:if you haven’t seen these classics then you haven’t lived yet!

It’s A Wonderful Life


White Christmas 


A Christmas Carol (1938 film)


Miracle On 34th Street


Holiday Inn



More Recent Productions:

A Christmas Prince

This one is my personal favorite and I can’t wait to watch it again.


The Spirit of Christmas


Christmas For A Dollar


Well that’s my film suggestions for some festive Christmas entertainment.

Hope you get a chance to watch them and more importantly, I hope you enjoy ’em!


Dancing Through Life


You don’t know how many times I’ve messed up while dancing. I was doing it so much that I finally learned how to make it look like I was doing it on purpose.

Its the same way with life. I mess up all the time. But instead of telling yourself that you’re a failure, realize that you aren’t stupid and clumsy. You are you and when you realize that, the dance goes a lot smoother.