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Music Review: Evie Clair/What My Dad Means To Me

You know when you look up a video and then you end up drifting upon another video? Sometimes that random clip just leaves you thinking,”That was stupid.” But then there are those ones that really touch you and end up changing your whole mood.

This video on America’s Got Talent featured a young girl by the name of Evie Clair. She entered AGT when her dad had stage 4 cancer and continued in the competition even after her father passed away.

After watching this, I got to thinking how she must have felt to watch her Dad slip out of her life like that. Often when trying to fully figure out how someone else would feel I place myself in the same situation. Doing so with Evie’s experience, I felt like crying. What if it were my dad that died? I think I would have a lot of emotions swelled up within me, some of which would be regret……regret for never fully appreciating my dad and all he’s done for me, and for never telling him how much he means to me.

Like most teen girls(including myself), Evie probably had at least one or two arguments with her dad before his diagnosis. She probably said things that she didn’t mean and maybe he did too. I know I’ve had a few of those moments where I, being hot tempered, said things to my dad or about my dad that I didn’t mean, that I only said because I couldn’t control my emotions. I know that if I lost my dad I would never forgive myself for saying any of that or moreover, never telling him that I was sorry and how much I love him.

Although some “What Ifs?” aren’t healthy to be asking all our lives (like: What If I get hit by a car going out to get the mail? What If I flunk school? What If no one likes me?), maybe some What Ifs we should ask our selves more often: What If I never learn personal responsibility? What If I never enroll in school? What If I never go get the mail? What If I never meet new people? What If I never give my little sister a role model to look up to? What If…..I never tell my Grandpa, my Grandma, my siblings, my mom………my dad….how much I love them? What If?

So after thinking these thoughts I want to tell a lot of people a lot of overdo things, but for now I want to tell my dad,” I love you very much and I couldn’t ask for a better dad in the whole world! Thank you for caring about me even when I didn’t notice. You Mean The World To ME! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!”

I don’t want to wait till it’s too late to ask,”What If I had?” Do you?

Evie Clair and her dad.


Anne and Brooke, Music Review

Music Review: for KING & COUNTRY

This is one of our favorite bands!!!

Anne’s thoughts on for KING & COUNTRY

I started listening to this brother- band in 2016….I think.😉

Brooke first told me about them, and so I listened to them to see if they were any good.

I must admit, at first I didn’t really care for them. Probably because I was used to country and not Christian rock. But I listened to them more. Soon I came to love them!💖

Although today I would chose country over Contemporary Christian, I still LOVE this band and I get terribly defensive over them if someone says they don’t like ‘em. (Stand back, people! 😄)

My favorite song by them is Priceless. It is an AWESOME song about respect for women. And as Brooke said, there is a difference between respect and equality.

Women don’t deserve to be treated like dirt and put down. We shouldn’t be made to look pathetic and that we’ll never amount to anything.

But we shouldn’t try to put ourselves above men and put them down, either.

I can’t wait to see their movie with my friend Chelsey! She is also a HUGE for KING & COUNTRY fan and we plan to have a movie night with Priceless when it comes out on DVD.

Final note: They are an awesome band and I really enjoy listening to them. I hope you will too!


          Brooke’s thoughts on for KING & COUNTRY

I have loved this band since the beginning of 2015, when I discovered them on the radio. I bought their second album, and then soon bought their first album, as well as their Christmas album. In August of 2015, I was able to go to a concert that they were playing at, and met Luke Smallbone! I was overly nervous, and didn’t even talk to him, but handed him my shirt to sign, got a picture, and walked away. Not repeating that again…

Last year in November, I went to see their Priceless movie on their special premier night, a day before it actually came out in theaters. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and with such an empowering messages!

for KING & COUNTRY stand up for women’s rights, believing that men should treat them with honor and respect. This is not the equality issue, but respect for women. There is a difference.


I have this shirt and necklace—

I believe that for KING & COUNTRY’s message is one that everyone should hear… great music to listen to!


Brooke, Music Review

Music Review: Lindsey Stirling

I personally love Lindsey Stirling’s music. She is such a unique person, and I am so glad there are people like her out in the world.

Lindsey went on America’s Got Talent in 2010, and was rejected by the judges. She was told that her violin sounded like “dying rats.”

Nevertheless, she moved on from America’s Got Talent and became a fast growing YouTuber, producing her first full album in 2012.

She now tours all over the world, and her fan base has grown to a crazy number.

Lindsey hasn’t proved to the world that if you really try hard enough to do what you love, you will someday reach your goal.

In 2016, she released a great book about herself and her success, as well as her difficulties. It is a great read, and very inspirational!


She he is a fantastic artist, and an amazing person to look up to in your carreer!

Here is a song done by her 5 years ago that I love! The original piece is composed by Yiruma. Enjoy!



Anne, Music Review

Music Review: The Collingsworth Family

I listen to a radio station called Rejoice Radio. My mom has it playing all the time and they play music (sometimes interrupted with news) and a favorite show of mine, Adventures in Odyssey. They also play dramatized books by Janette Oke, and The Sugar Creek Gang.

Anyway, A family that often sings on there is the Collingsworth Family. My favorite songs by them are “It Matters to the Master” and “Wherever You Are”. Here is the link to “Wherever You Are”. Listen to them and tell me what you think.


Brooke, Music Review

Music Review: Bars and Melody

It appears that Anne and I are going on a tangent for golden buzzer acts on Got Talent. 😄

Leondre and Charlie


Leondre and Charlie went on Britains Got Talent in 2014, winning the golden buzzer for their song “Hopeful”.

Their music reaches out to kids who are going through hard times and have been bullied, as Leondre was as well in school.

Some of their music can be iffy, and I pick and choose the songs I listen to (I skip the girl friend and relationship songs), but they have lots of really encouraging music!

Leondre raps while Charlie sings, and the duo blend together so well!