You know those times when you do something really stupid, and hope that no one saw you?

Well… I am very well trained in these circumstances, as I dub Clumsy Mistakes.

I was at work, in the kitchen, working hard. I knelt down to pull something out of the bottom of a refrigerater. When I stood, the back of my skirt caught on the back of my shoes, and I fell backwards onto my bum…

I don’t think anyone noticed, though, so that’s good!

Anyway, that was real funny. I hope it never happens again, though my skirt catching on the back of my shoes seems to happen a lot, so maybe I should come up with a solution… hm…

You can learn a lot from these Clumsy Mistakes! Mostly: Don’t repeat them.

So that is the lessson today, friends! Try not to repeat those silly Clumsy Mistakes, and you’ll be better off. 🙂

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”


So I’ve had people ask me this question numerous times.

It usually comes in the form of a high pitched scream as someone attempts to move the large black case.

“Anne!!! What do you have in this thing?!? It weighs a ton! Is there a bomb in there?!”

So after I finished reading my Bible this evening, I decided to make this post to put my concerned family’s minds to rest to show y’all that…….indeed there is a bomb in my Bible case. 😆 No! JK! There isn’t a bomb in my Bible case, although I do admit it feels that way.

Most of the blame for this goes to my new study Bible that my grandma got me for my last birthday. It’s an amazing study Bible and has cleared up a lot of my questions that arise when I read it, but it is very heavy.


The rest of the blame goes to the other various items which call this case their home. I tried to eliminate some of them but they’re all essentials.

The 2nd heaviest culprits would be my Charles Stanley devotional and my sermon note taking notebook that I got from the Creation Museum the year I got saved. (Notebook says: My Heart Belongs To My Creator)


Thirdly, My music CDs (The Redeemed Quartet and Joseph Habedank) that I used Sundays ago and never put away and my pens for note taking.


Lastly comes my bookmarks……


…….and my sermon papers from several past weeks.


Well, that’s what’s inside my Bible case and as you can see, no bomb. 😉

What I would like to know :Is there anyone else out there who’s Bible case is anything like mine?

Ciao for now!



I always thought when people said,”It was Love at first sight!” that they were really dramatic and it couldn’t possibly be true. Until I met this guy at a Ken Ham event last year. Long story short, He obviously liked me. Anyway, other than that day I met him, that was the only time I saw him. But yet I did everything in my power to find  him again.

Love at first sight?

Maybe…..but he probably never gives me a second thought. 😕

(Getting on with the point to this post. 😉)

As my sister said to me a week or so ago, “When are you gonna stop talking about this guy? One day when you’re married, your husband is gonna find out about how you went on and on about this boy and think he really meant something to you.”

So I made a decision that if God wanted me to see him again and if it really was “love at first sight”, then one day I would see him again. But you can’t live your life on possible relationships based on your unbalanced emotions as a teenager. You can’t let a teenage crush stop you from maturing into adulthood and finding a true relationship some day.

If you let it get in your way, years from now you’ll look back and have regrets because of your stupidity.

Or even worse, if you convince yourself that that crush really did mean something to you then if you ever find someone else you’ll always think back to that crush and feel sorrow that you can’t have him/her or you’ll feel guilty for “abandoning” that person who probably doesn’t even remember your name.

Dont let your uncertainty as a teenager prohibit your happiness in the future. Let Jesus take the steering wheel of your life and trust that He’ll make things work together for good.

For those of you who are still wondering why I chose the title that I did for this post, here is why: In this post we discovered that “Love at First Sight” for teens may not be love at all but simply an infatuation or crush brought on by unbalanced hormones. Therefore it really wasn’t love so hence it couldn’t really be lost if it was never there. But in our upset minds (us teens of course) we saw it as a lost love. I revealed the truth  about it not being love at all and therefore what was once a mystery is now a secret unleashed.

I never wanted to admit to myself that this “love of mine” was indeed an infatuation, but I realized this confession was essential for a started path to happiness in my future.

I hope this helped someone out there struggling. If so let me know below!




Note: Photos taken from:

And And

So i have no idea if I will be in my sisters wedding or not. I know they want to spend as little money as possible. And I understand that completely. They may want the bridesmaids to pay for their own outfits and that is the only reasonable thing to do. It will save them so much needed money for their future together. That’s why if my sister asks me to be in the wedding I’m hoping to be able to pay for my own dress. (Got any Self-employed job ideas for me? Awesome! Tell me about ’em here!)

If she doesn’t ask me to be in the wedding, it wont hurt my feelings. If she does, I will be thrilled, but it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, If she does, I’m gonna suggest to her to look on this website called Latter Day Bride & Prom and Light In The Box. They have some dresses on there that are really cute and modest. These are my favorites: (btw, I have no idea what the wedding colors are but I have a feeling one of them will be purple. My sister is obsessed with purple! 😉)

MW22070 $50.00
MDS1615 $55.00
modest-bridesmaid-dress-mds 001-purple_400x600
MDS 001 $70.00
MK23767 $60.00

Latter Day Bride and Prom is really nice but Light In The Box has waaaaay cheaper products. They may not be everyone’s style but these following dresses are fashioned after 50s dresses. I LOVE that time era!!! Take a look!!


This style is my absolute fav although it may not be perfect bridesmaid gown apparel in some people’s taste.




The following would probably be more acceptable than the last.


There are a lot more pretty styles so go check ’em out.

Note: At the time I viewed these products on the website, they were on sale. I’m not sure how long these prices will be valid.

Because I have a lot of foot trouble, i find Justin boots much more comfortable to wear than high-heels. Also I’m already rather tall so that’s another reason i don’t prefer heels.

I’m trying to push the idea to do Justin boots for the footwear for the bridal party since the wedding is already western themed.

This is my current pair and i really love them.

Well if y’all know any websites with cheap, cute and modest dresses or if you have any ideas for western themed weddings, you know where the comment box is! 😉

Love ya!!!


Does anyone out there have any ideas how I could make some money at home?

Is there an easy skill or safe job (preferably not online) that i could start to earn some cash?

It would really be appreciated!!

There’s no reward if you give me a million dollar suggestion……except this: I’ll put you in my thankful prayers everyday! 😁😁😉 No? Well, that’s more than nothing, right?

Anywho! I really need some ideas. Just leave me a comment below if ya think of anything, ok? Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooo much, guys!!!

Love ya!!!!